Over the last three years I have successfully completed all contracted short sales.

These clients have gone on to carry on their life without any deficiency obligation.

All transactions and inquiries are handled with the Utmost Confidentiality.

Know the Facts - I find that most of my clients have never been in this situation and have questions about pre-foreclosure, foreclosure and the short sale process. I will serve your best interests and ensure that you achieve the best options for you and your family. Many struggling homeowners can avoid the tremendous anxiety and fear of losing your home by just knowing all the facts and the process of short sale and alternatives when they make an appointment early and don't wait for the bank to take their home from them. It costs you nothing to know the facts.

What is a Short Sale? - A short sale is a real estate process in which the lender allows the homeowner to sell a property for less than they owe on the mortgage.

Example - John, a client of mine, owed $500,000 on his mortgage, but due to current market conditions the property was worth $300,000 to offering buyers. All the money from the sale goes to the bank, mortgage holder and John walked away without a foreclosure and without owing the bank anything.


A Short Sale is Right for You:

If you owe more than the property is worth and it doesn’t make financial sense to keep the house due to hardship.

If you are struggling the keep up with the mortgage payments.

If your payments are increasing beyond your means.

If relocating to a new area and paying two mortgages is financially a hardship.


Short Sale Facts:

How you proceed is not to contact your lender first, but to seek a Short Sale Specialist and get advice on how to proceed.

It will absolutely not cost you anything to engage a Short Sale Specialist; in fact you will not be charged for the attorney’s fee that performs the negotiations to successfully obtain the approval of the short sale providing you contact a Short Sale Specialist.

The difference between a short sale and foreclosure is that a foreclosure will drastically drop your credit score and prevent you from obtaining any kind of financing for seven years, also there is no guarantee that the investor on your mortgage will not come back five years later after a foreclosure and garnish your wages.

When you complete the short sale process your credit score decreases slightly and you may purchase a home in three years. No one can contact you for the deficiency (the difference from what you owed and the sale price of your home).

Not all realtors are trained in handling short sales successfully.

Whether your payments are current or not won’t interfere with a short sale’s success.

The first step is to contact Short Sale Specialist NH and complete a consultation. This is done at no cost to you.

So whether you're behind on a mortgage payments, have trouble in meeting your payments that are current or unable to meet your payments due to hardship, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you with all your real estate needs.

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